Council of Asian Science Editors

Case 9th Newsletter

Published on 8 January, 2024.
Edited by Geun Cheol Park and Tae-Sul Seo.

Meeting Report: The First CASE Webinar

Tae-Sul Seo
Secretary-General of Council of Asian Science Editors, KISTI

On October 20th, the first CASE Webinar was held online with the theme of “Peer Review for Open Science.” The webinar was chaired by Basil D’souza, President of CASE, and the program consisted of three presentations and a Q&A. There were approximately 35 attendees.

The first presentation was given by Dr. Tae-Sul Seo, Secretary-General of CASE, under the theme “Challenges in Peer Review.” He first defined the functions of peer review in scholarly publishing and then raised issues in peer review identified in some studies. In his presentation, he also briefed us on the historical overview of the peer review and discussed numerous trials to improve or innovate the peer review.

The second presentation was given by Cheol-Heui Yun, Vice President of CASE, under the theme “Ethical Guidelines for Peer Review.” He raised issues of publication ethics and explained the importance of the policy. He also explained the principles of the review process. Finally, he introduced the COPE ethical guidelines for peer review.

The third presentation was made by Dr. Liz Allen, Director of Strategic Initiative-F1000, under the theme “Open Research and Trends towards Transparent Peer Review.’’ She introduced the overview of the F1000 peer review and explained what publishers can do to support open science. She also raised several issues in peer review. Finally, she stressed the importance of transparency in peer review and explained the open peer review process adopted in F1000.