Council of Asian Science Editors

Case 9th Newsletter

Published on 8 January, 2024.
Edited by Geun Cheol Park and Tae-Sul Seo.

[Articles] What’s new with COAR Notify?

The article provides an update on the recent developments of COAR Notify over the last six months. COAR Notify is a key component in the evolving scholarly publishing ecosystem, supporting new models like journal independent and open peer review, overlay journals, and other innovative platforms. It functions by providing a standardized and interoperable mechanism for linking resources across various systems, thereby potentially reducing technical and cost burdens of publishing.

Key updates include:

  • What’s new with COAR Notify – an update of the last six months
  • Implementation partners
  • Open source platform development
  • COAR Notify Protocol
  • COAR Notify Validator
  • Community engagement
  • Coming Soon in 2024

Link to the article: