Council of Asian Science Editors

The CASE Webinar

Peer Review for Open Science

October 20 Friday, 2023


Address by CASE President


Dear Members, 

My name is Basil Dsouza and I am honoured to take on the responsibilities of the 5th president of CASE. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the hard work of all CASE executives, including the former Presidents, Prof Hyung-sun Kim, Prof. Ha, Prof. Long, and Prof. Subramaniam, who have been working towards the development of Asian scientific journals since the establishment of CASE in 2014. CASE and its member journals owe a lot to them and would not be where it is currently at without their hard work.

CASE is a non-profit organization of over 500+ members. We regularly facilitate cross border learning programs and enable Asian journal country associations to learn and implement international editorial and publishing practices in their scientific journals across Asia. Our mission is to contribute to the development of science by improving the quality of scientific academic journals published in Asia.

CASE is committed to organizing global conferences with supporting journal associations across Asia with the aim of providing the latest information on journal publication practices to Asian editors. The aim of our conferences is to support the Asian academic journal editor community to collaborate across borders, invite global experts to share their experiences, and to give more exposure to local editorial associations through a combination of offline and online academic events.

With your support, I will do my best to further enhance the quality of scientific journals published in Asia. I look forward to collaborate and work with each of you through my tenure. Growth through scientific communication and collaboration will be my focus to empower all CASE members and the Asian journal editor community.

Thank you.

Basil D’souza