Council of Asian Science Editors

Welcome message from a new President

Dear Members,

I am Hyung-sun Kim of the 4th president of the Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE). I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the hard work of CASE executives, including the former Presidents, Prof. Ha, Prof. Long, and Prof. Subramaniam, who have been working on the development of Asian scientific journals since the establishment of CASE in 2014. CASE would not be where it is currently at without their hard work.

CASE is a non-profit organization of 312 members as of July 31, 2020. CASE exchanges information on editing as well as publishing scientific journals in Asia. As a result, we aim to contribute to the development of science by improving the quality of scientific academic journals published in Asia.

CASE is planning the 7th academic conference in Malaysia next year in 2021, and the 8th conference in Japan in 2022. We hope these conferences will help providing the latest information on journal publication to editors. In some cases, non-face-to-face academic conferences and webinars are intended to encourage the participation of editors from various parts of Asia, and to invite foreign experts from outside of the Asian region to share their expertise in journal publication with the conference participants.

With your advice and support, I will do my best to further enhance the quality of scientific journals published in Asia. As soon as we overcome the COVID-19 I look forward to meeting you through face-to-face meetings and workshops. I hope you all take care and please stay safe.

Thank you.

Hyungsun Kim