Council of Asian Science Editors

VASE Report of MMMS 2018

From 18/5/2018 to 19/5/2018, the Vietnam Association for Science Editing (VASE), in collaboration with Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), the University of Da Nang (UDN), Kyungpook University of Korea (KNU), Nagaoka University of Japan (NUT), the Thai Mechanical Engineering Association (TSME), and the Vietnam Mechanics Association (VFMEA) and in consultation with the Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE), hosted the first International Conference on Material, Machines, and Methods for Sustainable Development (MMMS2018). The MMMS2018 Conference was held at the NALOD Hotel in Danang, Vietnam to facilitate academic exchange between scientists, managers, industry, academics, and researchers.

The conference provided an opportunity for scientists, lecturers, and students to meet and explore current issues related to training, scientific research, and fostering cooperation among universities, research institutes, and enterprises in the country and abroad in the fields of mechanics, chemistry, and materials. The conference also offered opportunities for scientists, lecturers, and especially young scientists to publish their work internationally.

The conference featured reporting sessions, which discussed the results of research on materials for environmental conservation and energy materials; cutting technology and minimizing environmental impact; environmental technology design for materials for polymers, ceramics, metals, and semiconductors; high performance materials, nanomaterials, and corrosion; and corrosion materials, precision engineering, and mechanical manufacturing for sustainable development. Following these scientific discussions, the researchers were enthusiastic and eager to further their studies. In other words, the conference achieved good results.

The report presents the current state-of-the-art methods and technologies for materials and machinery for sustainable development. Press reports from authors representing universities, research institutes, and national and international industry companies have demonstrated universal results applying current design and public studies. Nanotechnology has been applied to materials while mechanical engineering has been applied to industry to reduce environmental impacts. A large number of these studies seek to answer important questions; for instance, how to acquire advanced technologies and properties for environmental materials and products, and how to select and control parameters affecting the studies’ ultimate goals. The important properties of new materials and their special applications are presented by many well-known authors who have formulated vibrant, profound, and science-based arguments.

The first MMMS2018 international conference contributed to the promotion of scientific research while deepening a sense of friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries across the world.

Prior to the conference, on May 17, 2018, the Meeting of the Second Executive Committee of the Vietnam Association for Science Editing (VASE) took place at the My Son Meeting Room, 3rd floor, The Nalod, 192 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang.

In attendance were members of the Second Executive Committee of the Vietnam Association for Science Editing (VASE) along with guest delegates and new members (plenary, keynote speakers, and chairman of MMMS2018):

Photo 1. Meeting of the Second Executive Committee of the Vietnam Association for Science Editing (VASE)

Prof. Banh Tien Long (Chairman of VASE) delivered the opening speech.

Prof. Dinh Van Chien (Vice Chairman of VASE) reported on VASE activities.

Prof. Hyungsun Kim (President of KCSE) presented the Activities of the Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE).

Mr. Derrick Duncombe (Elsevier) delivered the talk “The trend of international publications.”