Newsletter No.2
CrossRef announcement on changes in DOI display guidelines

Ed Pentz, Executive Director

We very rarely change CrossRef DOI display guidelines, in part because we understand that a change on our end likely means more work on your end as you update the way DOI links are displayed in your publications. Here is a brief explanation of why, what, and when it will happen:

Why: We believe these changes are necessary in order to respond to the need for more secure browsing with “https:”, and to harmonize our guidelines with those of the International DOI Foundation.

What: The changes are to drop “dx” from DOI links and to use “https:” rather than “http:”. An example of the new best practice in displaying a CrossRef DOI is: As always, the DOI should be written as a hyperlink.

When: We are asking that you adopt the new guidelines by March 2017

Explanation of the reasons in detail for the change in guidelines in a recent post on the CrossRef blog.

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Editors : Jinnil Choi, Myeongsoo Lee and Youngim Jung      Published on December 27, 2016

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