Newsletter No.2
CASE The 3rd Asian Science Editors’ Conference and Workshop 2016
- July 20–22, 2016, The Korea Science and Technology Center, Seoul, Korea
The 3rd Asian Science Editors’ Conference and Workshop 2016
CSE news
- Save May 20-23 for the 2017 Meeting in San Diego
- 2017 International Peer Review Congress
- Welcome to the Newest Members of CSE!
CrossRef announcement on changes in DOI display guidelines
We very rarely change CrossRef DOI display guidelines, in part because we understand that a change on our end likely means more work on your end as you update the way DOI links are displayed in your publications.
- Examination for Korea Manuscript Editor Certification
The Establishment of The Vietnam Association of Science Editing
The Vietnam Association of Science Editing (VASE) had its first General Assembly on June 18, 2016 in Hanoi.
Continuous and prompt monitoring system of research trends, recent policies and emerging issues relevant to the scholarly communications is required for information centers, publishers and societies. KISTI, as a national center of science and technology information has provided timely access to relevant information through iCON (
Article Review
Science Editing, Vol. 3, No. 2, August 2016
Increasing number of authors per paper in Korean science and technology papers
Hyunju Jang et al.
Patterns of citation when Korean scientists cite other Korean scientists
Yeonok Chung et al.
Current status of Science Citation Index Expanded listing of Korean medical journals and effect of PubMed electronic publication ahead of print to their impact factors
Jae Jun Shim et al.
Status of digital standards in Korean medical journals in 2016
Geum Hee Jeong et al.
Taiwan Government’s scientific journal supporting policy
Hsiu-Ching Hsu et al.
2016 Meeting Report (KISTI)
Symposium on KISTI’s DOI RA launching for Korean Scientific Societies
2017 Forthcoming Events
The 4th Asian Science Editors′ Conference & Workshop : 6-7 JULY, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan
CSE 2017 Annual Meeting : May 20-23, 2017, San Diego, California
ICSTI 2017 Annual Members’ Meeting & Workshops
ALPSP Conference : 13-15 September, 2017, Noordwijk, Netherlands
2017 ISMTE Asian Conference : 27 - 28, 2017, Beijing, China
ACSE Annual Meeting
2017 SSP 38th Annual Meeting
Executive board of CASE (2016~2018)
Welcome the Newest Members of CASE
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Editors : Jinnil Choi, Myeongsoo Lee and Youngim Jung      Published on December 27, 2016

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