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The 3rd Asian Science Editors’ Conference and Workshop 2016

Date : 2016. 07. 20 ~ 2016. 07. 22.

Venue : The Korea Science and Technology Center, Seoul, Korea


The 2nd Council of Asian Science Editors Conference and Workshop (6th draft)

    Date: August 20-22, 2015
    Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Theme: How to add local scientific journals to international databases

Aims and scope
It aims to help editors to promote the scientific journals from not only Vietnam but also Asian countries to the international level. During the workshop, participants also will be able to explain the current international standard of scientific journals and to communicate with each other. Furthermore, participants will be able to help the organization of the national association of science editors in Vietnam.

After participating in all courses of the conference and workshop, attendees should be able:
    1. To explain the editor's role to promote the scholarly journal
    2. To describe the importance of manuscript editing
    3. To explain the ways to keep publication ethics
    4. To apply new information technologies in journal publishing
    5. To prepare how to add their journals to international databases

Conference Venue Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam Official Accommodation: Kim Lien Hotel (US$55 per night)

    - August 20 (Thurs), 2015: Pre-conference workshop, 6 PM: Welcome reception
    - August 21 (Fri), 2015: Conference, 6 PM: Dinner party
    - August 22 (Sat), 2015: Post-conference conference workshop and 1:30 PM city tour (optional)

Official language: English
Translated language: Translation into Vietnamese will be provided for conference

Deadline: April 30, 2015

Eligibility of attendee: Editor or editorial board members of scholarly journals regardless of the fields (science, technology, medicine, social science, and humanity)
Complimentary supply for attendees: Syllabus of workshop, welcome reception (August 20, 2015), Three day lunches (August 20-22, 2015), one day dinner (August 21, 2015)
Registration fee:
- International delegate: US$400
- Vietnames : US $50
How to register: Please fill out the attached form and send it to Secretary of the Conference.

Poster abstract Submission
Deadline: April 30, 2015.
Confirmation of the acceptance of poster presentation: May 7, 2015.
Conference Secretariat
Organizing Institute: Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE), and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
Program Organizer: B. T. Long & H.S. KIM

Workshop Program Details
The 2nd Asian Science Editors′ Preconference Workshop 2015 Program
■ August 20 (Thurs)
Workshop 1.
  Journal article tag suite (JATS) XML, CrossRef XML, and Science Central (in English without translation) Sun Huh(KOREA)
Rachael Lammey,
(UK, CrossRef)
Jaehwa Chang(KOREA)
Younsang Cho(KOREA)
Jeonghee Lim(KOREA)
Workshop 2.
  Bridging the gap between your journal and your authors, (with Vietnamese translation)   Clarinda Cerejo(Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights)
Workshop 3.
  Assessing a manuscript in house before sending for peer review(with Vietnamese translation)   Joan Marsh(President, EASE)/td>
Workshop 4.
  Working with Peer Reviewers and Publication Ethics (in Vietnames without translation),   Duc Le(Editor-in-Chief of eBiomedicine)
16:30-17:30   CASE Executive Board meeting
18:00 -20:00   Welcome receptions

The 2nd Asian Science Editors′ Conference 2015 Program
■ August 21 (Fri)
08:00-08:30   Registration
  Inaugural Assembly of the Vietnamese Council of Science Editors (VCSE) (In Vietnamese)
08:30   Opening remark of VCSE
08:30 –08:35   Report to the process of inauguration of VCSE
08:35 -08:40   Announcement of Constitute and Bylaws
08:40 –08:45   Nomination of President
09:45 -08:50   VCSE Presidential address
08:50 –08:55   Congratulatory address Jong Kyu Ha (President of CASE)
08:55-09:00   Congratulatory address Leadership of MOST/MOET and Photo time
09:00   Closing remark
Session I. Opening Ceremony Moderator: Hyungsun Kim
09:00 -09:05   Opening address   Bahn Tien Long
(Vice President, CASE)
09:05-09:10   Welcome address   Jong Kyu Ha (President, CASE)
09:10-09:15   Congratulatory address   President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology
09:15-09:20   Congratulatory address   Joan Marsh (President, EASE)
09:15-09:25   Photo Time
Session II. Editor’s role
09:30-10:00   Editor's role - Jong Kyu Ha (President of CASE)
10:00-10:05   Q & A
10:05-10:35   Running an editors’ association: EASE-Joan Marsh (President, EASE)
10:35-10:40   Q & A
10:40-11:00   Break
11:00-11:25   Role of Managing editor –Simon Goudie (Wiley Asia)
11:25-11:30   Q & A
Session III. Open access
11:30-11: 55   Open access and Creative Commons License
– Mikiko Tanifuji (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)
11:55-12:00   Q & A
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:30   Poster session
Session IV. CrossRef: Development of journal standard
14:30-14:55   CrossRef: Leading organization for adoption of information technology for scholarly journal Rachael Lammey (CrossRef)
14:55-15:00   Q &A
–Plagiarism Derrick Duncombe (Elsevier-Singapore)
15:30-15:35   Q &A
15:35-15:55   Break
15:55-16:15   How to use CrossCheck – Komang WIRYAWAN (Indonesia)
16:15-16:20   Q & A
16:20-16:45   Issue of publication ethics in Japanese scholarly journals
  -Yukari MATSUO (Professor, Hosei University, Japan)
16:45 -16:50   Q & A
16:50-17:00   Break
17:00 –17:25   How to add local journals to international databases
–Derrick Duncombe (Elsevier -Singapore)
17:25-17:30   Q & A
17:30 -17:55   International standard of style and format of scientific journals
  - Ramanathan SUBRAMANIAM (Associate Professor, National Institute of Education, Singapore)
17:55-18:00   Q & A
18:00 -18:10   Ceremony of Poster awards
18:10   Closing remark, Announcement of the next annual conference in Seoul
18:10-21:00   Farewell Dinner

The 2nd Asian Science Editors′ Conference 2015 Program
■ August 22 (Sat)
Workshop 5.
  How to write an English papers (in Vietnamese without translation)
  - Duc Le (Editor-in-Chief of eBiomedicine)
Open to graduate students, No registration fee
  Open to graduate students
  No registration fee
Workshop 6.
  How to construct the local-language literature database and evaluation of journal (in English Vietnamese translation) No registration fee
  - Tae-sul Seo (Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information), Seong-Nam Cho (Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information), Yoonsang Cho (ScienceCentral contractor, M2Community), Jeonghee Lim (ScienceCentral contractor, M2Community)
  No registration fee
Workshop 7.
  What should be prepared to convert local language journal to international English journal (In English with Vietnamese translation)
  -Kihong Kim(KOREA), Hyungsun Kim(KOREA), Sooyoung Kim(KOREA), Hyemin Cho(KOREA), Soonwon Hong(KOREA)
  No registration fee
12:00-13:30   Lunch at University cafeteria
13:30-18:00   Tour (Optional)

Financial source/sponsor for the workshop - KCSE, KISTI, Cactus (Editage), Wiley Aisa, Elsevier Asia, KOFST, NRF of Korea

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