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Improving journal quality and impact: (1) Working with authors

Date : 2021. 06. 30 ~ 2021. 07. 01.

Venue : Virtual course.

Editors' virtual courses 2021:

Improving journal quality and impact 

These two related courses together provide journal editors with greater understanding of how to raise the quality of their journal, improve the peer review process, and make greater impact with their journal.


Course 1: Improving quality and impact : Authors, readers and impact

This course is presented in two, 2-hour online workshops



  • To obtain better quality content
  • To manage and mitigate author problems 
  • To influence reader habits, raise visibility and increase citation


Course content

  1. Journals and authors
    Topics covered will include: publishers and publishing | publication trends | publishing habits | open science | data policies | academic reward | geographical diversity | authorship pressures | preprints.
  2. Authors, authorship and ethics
    Topics covered will include: authorship criteria | contributorship | author support | reporting guidelines  plagiarism | image manipulation | fraud and dishonesty | conflicts of interest | errata and retractions.
  3. Readership and citation
    ​Topics covered include: readership research | language issues | lay summaries | indexing | impact measures | altmetrics | citation initiatives

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