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Committee members and activities

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The Education and Training Committee
The Education and Training Committee shall manage training activities related to the writing and review of scientific research articles, and editing of academic journals, and shall manage the annual academic conference of CASE. The committee shall manage the training activities for manuscript editors, provide the style and format for manuscript editing, manage a system for the certification of professional scientific manuscript editing, and other work related to manuscript editing.
Title Name Country
Chair Sun Huh Korea
Member Liz Wager U.K.
Member Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza Philippines
Member Sue KIM Korea
Member Rachael Lammey U.K.
Member Duc H Le U.K.
Member Nguyen Duc Toan Vietnam
The Publication Ethics Committee
The Publication Ethics Committee shall plan and perform activities related to the ethical publication of research articles.
Title Name Country
Chair Eun Seong Hwang Korea
Member Wei-Hsing Tuan Taiwan
Member Hoang Long VietNam
Member Yuehong (Helen) Zhang China
Member Cheol-Heui YUN Korea
Member Apiwat Mutirangura Thailand
The Information and Publication Committee
The Information and Publication Committee shall take responsibility for the processes of compiling content and publishing newsletters and an official journal of CASE, and for management of the website.
Title Name Country
Chair Komang G. Wiryawan Indonesia
Member Jinnil Choi Korea
Member Myeongsoo Lee Korea
Member Youngim Jung Korea
Member Fabian M Dayrit Phlippines
Member Madhvendra Narayan India
Member Sri Suharti Indonesia
The External Affairs Committee
The External Affairs Committee shall manage relations with international academic societies and institutions, and relationships among members.
Title Name Country
Chair Worachart Sirawaraporn Thailand
Member Bisman Nababan Indonesia
Member Mukesh K. Gupta India
Member Nguyen Thi Hong Minh Vietnam
Member Alfredo Villarroel Thailand
The Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee shall provide advice on scientific and technical issues concerning the editing and publication of science journals published in Asia and make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Board.
Title Name Country
Chair Yukari Matsuo Japan
Member Patricia K Baskin USA
Member Donald Samulack USA
Member Taeghwan Hyeon Korea
Member Rachael Lammey U.K.
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